SMEducation offers Financial Markets classroom training in all the major financial centres in all regions.

SMEducation believe that financial training should be enjoyed not just endured. To that end, our trainers do a lot more than just ‘read the text’. Personality is important in holding students attention and we recognise finance is probably the hardest area to keep your students interested. Being technically strong on what financial products ar out there is one thing, knowing how they relate to the market is another. We relate finance not only to the markets and what’s going on in general but we try to relate finance to the people in the room as well. Why do these products exist and how do they apply to you?

Our courses have been designed on content NOT learnt in text books. Our derivatives training are developed from the knowledge from the trading floor developed at O’Connors associates in Chicago, when they were the dominant force at the CBOE and thereon the trading floors of SBC, UBS and CS. Our accounting, valuation and modelling classes have been developed with experience of many companies through audit visits and a strong partnership with equity research at UBS. Our fundamental courses, particularly popular with new starters and people not in a front office business role, have been developed with close ties with operations within UBS and taught as part of their Operations analyst training program. SMEducation is made up of individuals who chose training as a career rather than just fell into it. We think this gives our people a whole different motivation. Tag on to that post-graduate degrees, financial professional qualifications and banking experience – our people know their stuff.

SMEducation is always keen to extend its offerings. All ‘standard’ courses are subject to an element of tailoring anyway. But if there is something new that you require it may well be the case that this has been offered in the past and can be offered again. Alternatively it could also be possible to create new classe, with new topics or a different emphasis. Please use this contact form if you have any such course enquiries, new requests or feedback on the website.